Hello & Welcome to my Web Pages


* To show the variety of items & designs I produce there are many images  

  which you can view in the Gallery pages.


*Each piece is individual & a signed original.


*Almost any design can be scaled up or down to fit onto another form. For    

  example if you see a clock with a specific design you can request that on a  

  milk jug.  


*Much of my work is made to order and sold through galleries around  

  the UK and Europe.


*I also participate in the Brighton Festival "Open Houses" during May & at  

  Christmas. Here I get the chance to explore more unusual ideas and one  

  off items can be found.


*Locally the " i.o, Artists & Makers Gallery"  on Sydney Street, Brighton stock  

  a selection of my work including new designs, weird stuff and a ceramic  

  jewellery range.


* Feel free to contact me about any personal requests via the contact page.  


  x Stacey.


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stacey manser-knight