1. Starting with a red earthenware clay, I throw my  shapes on a wheel.


2. When they have dried to a certain level, I coat one side with a white-liquid clay slip,  dry - repeat - dry. This gives me a thin surface to draw through.


3. Little sculpted items are added. A thicker clay preparation is piped on, to form the raised flowers etc. Then I illustrate the pieces.


4. The pots are then fully dried out so they can be fired for the 1st time.


5. Now I have a strong dry surface to add colour to the illustrations and cover the        whole item with a clear glaze .


6. The ceramics are now fired again.


7. Next, little gold highlghts and rims are added in real gold lustre, also the        "on-glaze" highlights and details.


8. Finally they are fired for the third and last time and are then ready to go out to their destinations.